1. One of the most popular places for people to buy shades today in on the web at one of the more than five thousands window coverings web sites that are currently operating. Online sites such as,, have moved up from being a small time window treatment seller, to the most popular channel through which people buy their window shades and shutters today. There are three main reasons why the web is the most popular place for window treatment shoppers today. The first reason the web is a great place to get window coverings is because the web provides the best prices out there. The internet sellers have taken the number one spot when it comes to moving window coverings from the manufacturer to the client, and as always with the number one spot comes the benefit of being able to offer lower prices than the competition. Next up on the list of reason that make the web a top choice for window coverings shoppers is the fact that people don’t want to take the time to drive out to the store and look for window coverings in person. Maybe the whole world has gotten a little bit lazier with the invention of the internet, but for whatever the reason, the modern consumer wants his or her products sent to the home instead of going around town looking for those products. Lastly, the web is the go to choice for shade shoppers because it provides the greatest number of possible options. In just a few minutes time an online shopper can go through hundreds of different window shades on the web, bouncing from one site to the next, comparing prices and checking out all of the latest styles. In the time that it may take for an online shopper to review a hundred products on the web, it may take a shopper going around town an entire day or more. Some people live in areas of the country which don’t have easy access to window shades outlets, and they might have to take a road trip just to be able to go to a single window coverings store.
  2. The home improvement shops are the next most popular place to find window coverings these days, and that is due largely to the fact that people happen to be inside them when they realize they need window coverings. Indeed, shoppers at home improvement shops tend to be shopping for any number of other things when they happen across the window coverings isle and remember that they need window coverings in their own house. One good thing about the major home improvement shops is that they do offer top brands such as Hunter Douglas window treatments, and while the selection that home improvement shops offer tends to be smaller than the web, it is almost always composed quality products. There is also the fact that the staff at home improvement stores tends to be pretty knowledgeable, and may be able to assist clients who have window treatment questions.

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