Shoppers should be aware of the fact that the best deals they can find are no longer to be found in physical stores. Shoppers are always getting tempted into blinds dealers by giant signs that tell of rock bottom prices. Indeed, the allure of sales in neighborhood shops could make some shoppers believe that they are in for the deal of their lives, when in fact there is just no way that the local stores can any longer compete with the internet when it comes to window coverings sales. The internet is now the number one channel for the sale of window coverings, and in fact, the only place which blinds manufacturers sell directly to the client. The problem with the physical shop is the high tax rates which they have become subject to in recent year. The government has been hiking up tax rates for people with shops across all different areas of industry, and the response form the industry big dogs has been to simply limit their sales to online deals which are not subject to tax. In some states the tax rate for items bought in a shop is as high as 19%, taking that into consideration it is easy to see why it is not possible for shops to sell lower that the web dealers. Big window coverings websites like,, have gotten to the point in which they sell so many window coverings every month that they are able to offer free shipping to many of their clients. Anyone who has ever bought a set of bulky window blinds knows just how expensive shipping can be on such items, and what the difference is in price when you factor in the cost of delivery.

Reading consumer reviews is a great way to help make sure that the best blinds are going to end up in your home. People who search consumer reviews will find information on every major window covering that has been produced in the last ten years. The information posted on consumer review sites includes facts about the different window covering’s safety rating, and how well they function in the home as far as standing up to daily use. Currently, the number one ranked blinds in the nation are the Hunter Douglas Blinds, which have an overall approval rating of 98 percent.  There are other blinds that have horrible reviews, blinds which nobody in their right mind would purchase after reading what people have said about them. No matter how beautiful a blind may look in pictures, consumer reviews are the only surefire way to make sure that the product is really worth buying.

Lastly, talking with a home decorator may help guide shoppers towards a great window covering. Nobody knows window blinds and shades like home decorators; they work with them almost every day. Home decorators will be able to not only give great tips on which window coverings are the best as far as quality, they will; also be able to hand out amazing decoration tips.


  1. One of the most popular places for people to buy shades today in on the web at one of the more than five thousands window coverings web sites that are currently operating. Online sites such as,, have moved up from being a small time window treatment seller, to the most popular channel through which people buy their window shades and shutters today. There are three main reasons why the web is the most popular place for window treatment shoppers today. The first reason the web is a great place to get window coverings is because the web provides the best prices out there. The internet sellers have taken the number one spot when it comes to moving window coverings from the manufacturer to the client, and as always with the number one spot comes the benefit of being able to offer lower prices than the competition. Next up on the list of reason that make the web a top choice for window coverings shoppers is the fact that people don’t want to take the time to drive out to the store and look for window coverings in person. Maybe the whole world has gotten a little bit lazier with the invention of the internet, but for whatever the reason, the modern consumer wants his or her products sent to the home instead of going around town looking for those products. Lastly, the web is the go to choice for shade shoppers because it provides the greatest number of possible options. In just a few minutes time an online shopper can go through hundreds of different window shades on the web, bouncing from one site to the next, comparing prices and checking out all of the latest styles. In the time that it may take for an online shopper to review a hundred products on the web, it may take a shopper going around town an entire day or more. Some people live in areas of the country which don’t have easy access to window shades outlets, and they might have to take a road trip just to be able to go to a single window coverings store.
  2. The home improvement shops are the next most popular place to find window coverings these days, and that is due largely to the fact that people happen to be inside them when they realize they need window coverings. Indeed, shoppers at home improvement shops tend to be shopping for any number of other things when they happen across the window coverings isle and remember that they need window coverings in their own house. One good thing about the major home improvement shops is that they do offer top brands such as Hunter Douglas window treatments, and while the selection that home improvement shops offer tends to be smaller than the web, it is almost always composed quality products. There is also the fact that the staff at home improvement stores tends to be pretty knowledgeable, and may be able to assist clients who have window treatment questions.

How to choose the right shades for your home

There are many ways that you can use in order to choose the right window shades for your home. Window shades come in a variety of styles, sizes, colors, materials, brands, and prices. It can be overwhelming to shop for window treatments and even more overwhelming when you decide on one particular type of window treatment, such as window shades. shades

There are many types of window treatments that you can choose from. For example, you can choose from window shades, window shutters, window blinds, window sheers, and more. Once you have made the decision of the type of window covering that you want, then you need to decide which color and material that you want. There are many ways to narrow down your search for the perfect window shades for your home. Listed here are several ways to choose the right window shades for your home:

1. Consult with a designer. One way to find the best shades for your home is to consult with a designer. A designer can make your decision making process much easier and can help assist you with finding all of the right window treatments for each room in your home. They can come in and assess your home and help you find the right window treatments that will go best in each room of your home.

2. Visit a showroom. Another option for finding the right window shades for your home is to visit a showroom. This is the best option to get an idea of what all of the shades look like in person while hanging on a wall. You can also consult with an in store designer or sales rep to help you with your decision making process as well.

3. Pick a brand first. You can always choose by picking your brand first. You can choose from cheaper low quality brands or you can pick the best of the best and start shopping for Hunter Douglas shades.

4. Look online. This will give you a better idea of everything that is out on the market today.

5. Look on home decorating sites or apps to get ideas.

As you can see, there are numerous ways to use in order to choose the right window treatments for your home. You can choose to purchase the same shades for each room in your home or you can mix it up and select from a variety of shades for each room in your home. Regardless of what you decide, if you hire a designer or a design consultation from a window treatment expert, then your decision making process will become easier as you will have help from an expert.

If you are looking for the right window treatment experts to help you with your decision making process, then you will want to contact the professionals over at Lori Jill Designs. They offer complementary in home or in showroom consultations for you in order to best help you find the window treatments that will work best for each room in your home.

Here are the pros and cons of Hunter Douglas blinds

When it comes to choosing which types of window treatments to hang in your home, the possibilities can seem endless. You may find yourself overwhelmed with all of the choices that come along with window treatments for your home. There are many different types of window treatments along with various sizes, materials, colors, and styles. If you need to narrow your search down, then you may want to visit a showroom or consult with a designer who can either provide you with a consultation in your home or in a showroom. You can also peruse all of your options online while searching for various window treatments for your home. Hunter Douglas shades

If you have narrowed your search down to one particular brand, then you may have chosen to go with Hunter Douglas products. Hunter Douglas blinds and window treatments are the highest quality window treatments on the market. When it comes to Hunter Douglas window treatments, you will find that your money will be going towards high quality window treatments that will last a long time while also making a lasting impression on your family members and guests along the way.

Hunter Douglas blinds have many pros and a few cons. Listed here are the pros and cons for choosing Hunter Douglas blinds for your home.

Here are the pros for purchasing Hunter Douglas blinds for your home:

1. You will have high quality window blinds for your home. One of the best pros for purchasing Hunter Douglas blinds for your home is that you are purchasing very high quality window treatments for your windows. This will ensure that they will last longer and will add to the interior decoration of your home.

2. You will increase the value of your home with your purchase.

3. You will add to the ambiance in your home. You will also add to the ambiance of your home while purchasing Hunter Douglas window blinds for your home. This means that you can enjoy the benefits of Hunter Douglas blinds for your home as well as the ambiance that they create in any room in your home.

Here are the cons for purchasing Hunter Douglas blinds for your home:

1. They are expensive. Hunter Douglas blinds are expensive, which can be a con if you are on a tight budget. However, if you are looking for window treatments that will last for a long time, then you will be investing your money into a solid product.

2. They can be difficult to install.

As you can see, as with any type of window treatment that you may choose for your home, there are pros and cons to choosing to purchase Hunter Douglas window blinds for your home. If you are debating between window blinds and other types of window coverings, then you will want to work with a designer to help you find the right window treatments for your home. You can check out the many offerings at Lori Jill Designs and they can help you pick out the best window treatments for your home as well.


Exercising as a Parent

There are so many parents in today’s world who want to go to a gym to exercise but they just cannot find the time. It can be hard for parents to take care of their children and find the time to go exercise. Exercise is extremely important to keep you healthy, but that can be hard for parents. Fitness 4 Less has found a way to help their clients who have children to still be able to find the time to exercise. They understand how important exercise is for everyone and they also understand how difficult life can be when you have children as well. Time is very important to those who have children, but it is something that they do not have much of. At Fitness 4 Less, parents can bring their children with them when they go exercise. Fitness 4 Less offers free child care to help parents have the time to exercise. Every membership that they offer at Fitness 4 Less includes child care. The child care center is run by qualified employees who will take care of any child who comes to them. Parents will love being able to have the time to exercise during the day while still giving their child something to do. Children will love getting out of the house and being able to play with other children as well. It is a win-win situation for everyone.

Fitness 4 Less is also a 24-hour gym, which can also help parents with their time management problem. Even though parents spend a lot of their time taking care of their children, they can still find a little bit of time to go exercise at Fitness 4 Less because they are open all day every day. Free time is rare for parents. You take care of your child all day Fitness 4 Lessand then any spare time you have is usually used to clean or work or to relax. But imagine being able to go to the gym whenever you want because your gym is open at all hours of the day. You will never have to worry about not having the time to go exercise anymore. You still may have to sacrifice something in order to go, but being able to exercise is worth it. Any parent can tell you that when they exercise they have more energy to keep up with their kids every day. Exercising has so many benefits for parents that you need to be able to find the time to do it. Fitness 4 Less makes it easy to find the time since they are open at all times.

As a parent, it can be hard to find an exercise routine that fits into your schedule. But, Fitness 4 Less helps by offering child care and being open 24 hours a day. They want to help you as much as possible by offering group training as well. You will find that there are many different group training options that will fit into your busy schedule as a parent. Fitness 4 Less is there to take care of you and you will be impressed how far they go to help parents out.

Hunter douglas shades and other functional features your future home needs

Having a functional home is at the top of all home owners list of wants. That being said, a recent survey of home owners in the United States of American showed that the majority of homeowners in North America are displeased with the functionality of one or more aspects of their current home. This information is incredibly valuable to future home buyers, as it can be used to critique and evaluate homes that are offered on the market. Before you begin your home search process, it is a good idea to sit down with your family and possibly your real estate professional to have a candid discussion about your home needs and wants. While it is unrealistic to assume you may be able to find your dream home with all the required features right away, having an honest discussion about the most important factors will help encourage an open discussion about what will work best for your family. You may also want to do some preliminary research on home buying, which will help you know what to look for when shopping for a new home, condo, or apartment. It would take all day for us to complete the entire list of what features people like in their homes, so for time’s sake, we will keep the list short and sweet. Aside from that, every one has slightly different preferences in a home, so it wouldn’t be appropriate for us to say that everyone desires these features. Nonetheless, here is a preliminary list of some of the most common functional features that home owner desire. Topics range from mud rooms all the way to window treatments.

  1. Most home owners want a mud room. While a small percentage of home owners believe that mud rooms are a waste of functional space, the majority of respondents reported that having a mud room helps their house function better overall. This is especially true of home owners that have children or pets who get dirty, and for those who live in climates with harsh winters, where it is easier to contain melting snow and ice.
  2. Most home owners want attractive shades or blinds for their windows. Having tasteful and functional window treatments for the windows in your home improves the quality of your home experience. Good quality window treatments provide insulation from heat and cold, and aid in the use of natural light in the home. Furthermore, they increase the overall value of the home. Of the surveyed respondents, hunter douglas shades are the most popular style on the market today.
  3. Organized closets also came up high on the list of needs. Keeping your stuff organized is always a daunting task, but it is made much easier by having functional closet space. If you are looking at a home that has everything else, don’t fret, closet organizers are readily available at a local home improvement store. They are usually simple enough that you can even install them yourself. Not feeling up to the task? Consult with a local contractor or closet organization professional to have the labor done for you. All you need to do is pick out the style and features.